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Illustrative Birds by René Campbell

I tend to draw birds in this style more than other animals. It must have something to do with the geometric intricacies in feathers and wings.

Mediums include ballpoint and felt-tip pens, coloured pencils or digital paintings.

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365 Days

Jan 8th

Kinda feel like I was forced to go to the dance comp in Texas. I was told that I’d be actually dancing and now I’m an alt/prop. Which is demeaning and stupid. I would’ve been fine with that shit if I was at least told that that was my role, instead being told I was a dancer. I maybe need to not be so quiet and hesitant to speak.

I’m better at pong than I thought.

Aaaaand some of these freshman girls “with boyfriends” are thirsty. And vice versa. Like why be in a relationship if you’re gonna be a flirt. A little bit is fine especially at the beginning, but come on there’s a line.



did rapunzel just walk out of my dash

I almost scrolled past this

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365 Days

January 7th

Somewhat learned the dance choreo.
MY CUPCAKES WENT TO SHIT UGH. Frosting why ya gotta be so fucking buttery and grainy
I am in the best relationship ever and idt I can stop being thankful for it.
Also you know it’s the end of an era, when your life changing English teacher is retiring.

365 Days

January 6th

I spend a lot of time wondering how other people perceive me. Often I put on a very “I don’t care about you” face and persona whenever I encounter acquaintances. Like that’s how I prove myself to be superior. To some level I don’t care about others’ opinions, and that becomes more true everyday, but at the same time I so care. It’s like how Jaime lannister doesn’t care that everyone calls him the king slayer/is all uppity about it but ya know he cares.
Either it’s kinda awesome sauce that people I fan girl about kinda fan girl about me. Confidence boost 👍

365 Days

Jan 5th

Shit is it a leap year?
I want naked 3 palette, imma buy that ish
I’m a lazy shit
My entire goal to be less addicted to social media is going to hell. I’ll let myself check Instagram 20 times per day. Maybe dwindle from there. Hopefully
Also gotta love the boo thang 😊😘

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